Ronald Acuña’s Contract Extension – Good or Bad? By: Dylan Suttles

Good for the Braves?

When Ronald Acuña signed as an international free agent for $100,000 back in July of 2014, he was not a top target in most organizations eyes. Born in Venezuela, his family is rich with baseball talent. His dad played in the New York Mets organization for 5 years, his younger brother signed with the Texas Rangers for $425,000 in 2018. He also is cousins with Kelvin Escobar and Alcides Escobar, both good MLB players. Despite his rich bloodline, for some reason he wasn’t highly regarded early on. He changed that perspective very quickly. In 2017, he was rated as the No. 6 prospect and the following year he was given the top spots in some rankings. In 2018, Acuña made his Major League debut on April 25 th at the age of 20. At that moment, he brought a lot of excitement to Braves Country. He made his impact immediately by hitting .293, 26 HR’s, 64 RBI’s, and stole 16 bases on his way to winning the NL Rookie of the Year award. Acuña has been given a lot of praise by many and is the future of the Atlanta Braves. April 2 nd , he agreed to an 8-year $100 Million Dollar contract, which is a huge deal for the Braves. This contract will pay Acuña 1M in ’19 and ’20, 5M in ’21, 15M in ’22, 17M in ’23- ’26, 17M in ’27 and ’28, and includes a 10M Dollar buyout. Considering the fact that Acuña is already producing huge numbers this early on in his career, this is a great deal for the Braves. Alex Anthopoulos is constantly reminding Braves Country about financial flexibility, and this contract does a lot in that regard. It will remain to be seen how he uses this flexibility, but the fans have a reason to be excited about the future of this team.

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