Top 3 Hitters From the Last 40 Years By: Colby Cook

1.) Pete Rose

This is a personal opinion post of course but Pete Rose has to be number one on my list. Just to start things off we can talk about Pete’s love for the game of baseball. He is know for having one of the best attitudes and enthusiasm for the game. Starting at the age of 18 Rose signed with the Cincinnati Reds which would be the start of his amazing 24 season baseball career. Now I could ramble about Pete Rose for the entire post but this is a top three list so I’ll keep it short. We can start off with what Rose is mainly known for which is that he holds the all time Hits Record with 4,256 Hits across 24 seasons. But he also holds the records for most games played, at 3,562, most times at bat, 14,053, and most seasons with 200 hits or more, with 10. Oh, and if that’s not enough, he also had a lifetime batting average of .303. It’s a shame that some people only think of Pete Rose’s accusations of gambling which led to a ban from baseball in 1989. But I hope that you try and think of the things he did for the game. Hopefully they will let him in the Hall of Fame in the coming years because I can’t think of anyone that deserves it more.

2.) Ken Griffey Jr.

One of the greatest outfielders of this era Ken Griffey Jr. was an outstanding baseball player. I’ll try to only focus on what he did at the plate and not mention the 10 Gold Gloves he won. At the time of writing this Griffey Jr. is 7th on the all time home run list with 630 in his career. In the four-year stretch from 1996-2000 he averaged 50 home runs and 137 RBIs while hitting .290 and slugging .604. Many people thought that if he kept up this pace he could possibly take home the all time home run record but sadly fell off later in his career. Accompanied with his 2,781 hits and a life time batting average of .284 Griffey Jr. did a lot for the game of baseball. His play in the field and his dominance at the plate inspired many of the greats that play today, and that is why I think he deserves the number two spot on the list.

3.) Barry Bonds

Most people remember Bonds as the Home Run king. But with that title comes a heavy criticism about his steroid use. But in my opinion Bonds was one of the greatest hitters of all time before and after his use of steroids. His first seven seasons where played in Pittsburgh, and if he would of retired after that he would of still had an amazing Hall of Fame candidacy, winning 3 MVPs during that time. Having a career BA of .298 and an OBP of .444 is already enough to tell you Bonds was a great hitter. He just knew how to hit a baseball, and hit it hard (which is why he leads the league in homers at 762). Having such an amazing record that will probably never be touched is enough for Bonds to be considered top 3 in my book.

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