Is Phillies Baseball the New Top Dynasty? By: Fatback Irvin

The Philadelphia Phillies have made some huge key changes this offseason, adding two former MVPs’ (Andrew McCutchen & Bryce Harper) , and also adding baseballs top catcher (J.T. Realmuto). Does this make Philadelphia baseball’s top dynasty? NO! Philadelphia is going to be a fun team to watch this year, but I personally don’t think they will win their division. They play in one of, if not the hardest division in the league which is the National League East.

McCutchen is a great leader, and a hell of a baseball player but the last couple of years his numbers have been slipping down not in a bad way, but he’s not going to hit over 300 and steal you 30 bases anymore, he will hit between 250 and 270 and hit about 20 homers. McCutchen and Realmuto will help protect Harper in the lineup where they have to pitch to him.

Harper was the big talk this year in the free agent pool, and with that he signed the largest contract in baseball history at 330 million dollars for 13 years. Harper has won every award thinkable accept he hasn’t won a world series.

Now I’m not saying the Phillies cant win a world series this year because they don’t have the pieces, because they do. I’m saying they won’t be baseball next top dynasty for the next 10 years. I think Harper will do great with the Phillies. I think Harper will come back to his MVP form, the guy is just freak of nature! Very few players in the MLB can do what he does, when he steps on to the diamond.

Harper has the potential to bring in many talents to Philadelphia, because in his contract there is a no opt out clause, and a no trade clause, therefore Harper is married to the Phillies for the next 13 years, so that gives potential free agents to his new home. I cant wait to see what is possible to do with this organization.

Realmuto is baseballs best catcher right now, and Philadelphia was able to acquire him this off-season in a trade with Miami. Realmuto is going to be outstanding behind the dish this season, and also has a great bat.

He will work amazingly with the Phillies pitching staff, because everyone knows a pitchers best friend is his catcher, and whats better than having the best one, so with Realmuto behind the plate that is an instant improvement.

However he is under the Phillies control for one year beyond 2019, with an arbitration year in 2020. He will be a free agent in 2021, if the Phillies do not extend him sometime in the current future.

I think the Phillies will be one of the most improved teams this season, and will be really good for the next three seasons, but they won’t to be baseballs next top dynasty, because they may have some solid bats in there lineup, but the pitching staff isn’t the best and they want hold up in the post-season. The lineup has some big holes, and some key needs, So yes the Phillies will be a good team for years, but not baseballs new top dynasty.

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