Can a Position Player Turn Around One of the Worst Teams in Baseball? By: Will Hubley

Spirits high as the Padres are wrapping up spring training in the Cactus League,  led by the highly sought after free agent Manny Machado.

Now that the honeymoon phase is ending and landing a superstar is no longer a dream, the real work begins. Just two weeks away from opening day the mumbles are becoming a roar, Can the Padres make the playoffs?

Though baseball is no stranger to great story lines, a Padres playoff birth will not be one.

Machado is a rare talent, yes, but he will not turn around this franchise overnight. Now, before you go burning down the city of San Diego in denial, realize that the rebuild of a franchise is a process and well the Padres have been at this for some time now.

The Padres are boasting the number one farm system in all of the bigs, and they will be able to show it off to the world here in the next few years.  Though having a deep orchard of minor league talent to pick from is delightful, it is not going to win a single game in the show.

San Diego fans should be excited for the future, but they need to understand that Machado is a piece of the puzzle, a very expensive piece, but just that, a piece.

An everyday superstar like Machao will be a serious impact player, and his postseason experience will play dividends in the long run, it will not bring an immediate birth for the Padres.

San Diego fans hold on to the high spirits and enjoy reeling in one of the largest free agents in baseball history, your time will come, just not this year.

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