Are the Cleveland Browns Super Bowl Contenders? By: Colby Cook

With the exciting off season the Browns have had you might be asking yourself, “How good could the Browns be this year?”.

This is an interesting question that I think deserves a lot of thought. Some of you might be stuck in the mindset that the Browns are the worst team in the NFL. Which is understandable considering the last decade of Browns football. But let’s take a look at last season that was in my opinion the first year the Browns showed that they had potential.

Acquiring Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb last year let them finally have a lethal backfield. Also getting CB Denzel Ward thrusted their defense into the night direction along with Myles Garret. With these new assets to the team the Browns ended up breaking the curse and finishing the season 7-8.

In my opinion the browns definitely take the AFC North with the Steelers loosing AB and Big Ben coming up on his last few seasons. They will have to beat out the Ravens but I see them doing this with ease.

Along with the great pickups last year that have already proved their worth they get Odell Beckham Jr. from the Giants last week A huge pickup for the wide receiving core, him playing along side Jarvis Laundry.

Oh, and lets not forget one of the most controversial free agent signings that happened this year, the Browns signing Kareem Hunt. This came as a shock for some but in my opinion I think John Dorsey has a master plan that is going to bring Browns success.

Sure the NFL should of done a better job with Kareem’s punishment and furthering the review of his return to the league all together, but since they only give him an eight game suspension then I totally agree with Mr. Dorsey on this one. He knows the potential Hunt has after being his GM at Kansas City.

With all of these old and new weapons the Browns have really turned the team around. The last thing I like about the Browns roster is that they are young. This team has to potential to learn and grow together to become one of the leagues best franchises.

So the question is, with this amazing offseason my answer is, yes, the Browns are Super Bowl contenders. I think that they will no doubt have a spot in the playoffs and could very possibly go all the way. I believe that Baker will lead the team to a successful season and will have many seasons to come.

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