Why the 1993 Braves Pitching Rotation was One of the Most Dominant Forces in Baseball History By: Colby Cook

The 1990’s was a great era for Braves baseball. Hell, they won the World Series in ’95! But today, I’m going to focus on the 1993 Braves baseball roster, especially the pitching rotation

The year before they had already had a very dominant rotation, some said the best in the NL at that time. So what do they do? They sign the free agent Greg Maddux in the offseason! Which put the nail in the coffin of their competition.

Starting with the entire team, they were good…no GREAT

Finishing the season 104-58 with a .642 winning percentage and placing 1st in their division. Many things went into the success they had that year, and one major player was the pitching rotation.

Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Steve Avery. Arguably some of the best pitchers of the 90’s era, all on the same team.

The one that was left out (Maddux) won the Cy Young award that year so that kinda made up for missing out on the game. (Not to mention that was the second of four-straight NL Cy Young Awards he would win…)

With a combined 972 innings pitched between the four of them they had a combined 75 wins, and 650 strikeouts.

Maddux led the league in ERA, Glavine tied for the league lead in wins, Smoltz was second and Maddux third in K’s. Oh yeah and Maddux led the league in complete games as well.

All of these stats had major influence on the Braves success that year. It helped them clinch there division against the dominant giants team which is now known as “The Last Great Pennant Race”.

This dominant era of Braves baseball has yet to be seen again, but hoping it will return very soon.

But, honestly, you cannot deny the numbers – This is one of the greatest pitching rotations to ever grace the game of baseball

Go Bravos

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